Sunglasses become the daily essential for everyone. For men, it is a thing can be performed handsomely. For women, it can be covered up the face without makeup. The both primary factor is appearance must be good-looking. Whether you are exercising or shopping leisurely at outdoor, there are still other factors that need to be considered when purchasing, such as UV400 100% protection, with or without polarized lens, materials, lens color and transmission rate, etc.. Most of the factors are related to the lens, the quality of the lens can determine the safety of the eye.


  1. 100% UV400 Protection

Once you find your dreaming sunglasses, in addition to find the price tag first, it is more important to see if there is UV400 protection. Wearing the sunglasses without 100% UV400 protection for a long time, it will cause cataracts, retinopathy even skin diseases. This is why so important to resist UV rays.

  1. Must fit the face

Is it annoying if you need to push the sunglasses up every 10 seconds? Or when you look at the left and right sides, suddenly the strong light that blind your eyes? This is because the sunglasses are not fit your face. A good pair of sunglasses can help to block UV rays, dust, small sand and glare. It takes time to experience different type of frame for having perfect sunglasses.

  1. Lens functionality

Every sport has its own characteristics, according to characteristics to find the suitable lens to use in order to adapt to the environment. Just like polarized lens is suitable for outdoor large plane environments, but it is not suitable for watching mobile phone or camera. Because the light source emitted by the screen is complicated also the polarized lens is prone to cause dead angle of the sight, which is difficult to see clearly.

  1. Lens transmittance and color

Most people want their lens darker, but the darker it does not guarantee the more light or ultraviolet can be blocked. It depends on transmission rate to determine how much light will enter your eyes. (Read: Must to know!!!TRANSMISSION RATE) Most of sports sunglasses purchase with different color of replacements. These replacements are not only for color matching, but also for interchange to adapt to different environment. For example, yellow lenses are the best choice for night using.

  1. Lens Material

It may not have the best answer. Each material has its own advantages. The basic principle of purchase is whether which material can meet your needs and comfortable wearing. Normally, most of the sunglasses brand whose materials are safe and non-toxic. Although the price is relatively high, but it is not worthy to save money then hurt your eyes.


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