DRY EYES in Winter

Do you often wake up feeling that your eyes are dry, or when you are riding a bike, your eyes cannot be opened because of winds, riding a full route with tears?

Winter is arriving. It’s the season when the northeast monsoon is the most prevalent. Taiwan s central mountain blocks most of the wind. As a result of poor diffusion conditions in the central and southern parts, local pollutants cannot be blown away by strong winds, which accumulate into haze on the land. Generally, as we know, air pollution directly affects respiratory diseases, but in fact, the eyes also cause damage due to air pollution. Although it is mostly an external eye disease, it can't be ignored. Air pollution contains harmful particles such as organic, inorganic, and dust. Suspending factors in the air can lead to symptoms such as discomfort on the surface of eyes, increased tears, or blurred vision, and even result in dry eye and allergic conjunctivitis. , Long-term exposure to harmful particles can also cause macular lesions, and its severity cannot be ignored.

About DRY EYE:


In the past, dry eye was more common in elderly and postmenopausal women, but with changes in work and lifestyle, more and more young people are also prone to dry eye. Especially workers who have been in the central air-conditioning system or hot environment for a long time; computer workers and professional drivers who watch fixed points for a long time; or people who often wear contact lenses and undergo laser refractive myopia surgery are also at high risk group. People who take diuretics, antidepressants, antihypertensives, and antihistamines (may be used by cold and allergic patients) can also lead to dry eye.


Similar to the symptoms of allergic conjunctival inflammation, there will be red eyes, itching, dryness, sourness, burning sensation and foreign body sensation, such as sand in it, and more secretions. But dry eye is more sensitive to external stimuli, such as smoke, wind, light, etc. Even if the wind blows into the eyes, it will be very uncomfortable.

When the eyeballs are dry, vision will also be affected, resulting in temporary blurred vision. At this time, as long as the artificial tears are blinked or blinked, recovery will be resumed.

It is worth mentioning that patients with dry eye often cry. Many people may find it weird, why they often cry because they lack enough tears? That's because the secretion of tears was not enough at first, but it stimulated the nerves and let the tears secrete more, so that the condition of frequent tears formed. Going back to what we mentioned earlier, the suspension factors in air pollution will also increase tears and also cause dry eye attacks. Why is this?

The occurrence of dry eye is, on the one hand, a problem in the production of tears, and on the other hand, the tears evaporate too quickly. Tear is the most superficial layer of the eye, it can moisturize the eyeball and maintain the humidity of the eye. The quality of tears depends on three major factors: 1. Surface cells of the eyeball (such as corneal and conjunctival cells); 2. Glands that secrete tears (such as water and mucus); 3. The nervous system that controls tear secretion. If anything goes wrong, the composition of the tears will be changed, the tears will be unstable (insufficient secretion or uneven distribution), resulting in damage to the surface cells of the eyes, and even inflammation, causing eye discomfort. Even if these three elements work normally, tears evaporate too quickly, which can bring about dry eye symptoms, such as failing to close the eyelids. Reading for a long time, using a computer, or being in an air-conditioning system for a long time also can cause dry eyes.

How to avoid eye damage from strong wind and air pollution in the winter?

      1. It is recommended to wear highly covered glasses when going out, which can directly prevent air pollutants from contacting the eyes and avoid direct contact with dirty air. It can also keep the eyes moist when the wind is strong, making the tears less volatile.

      2. When the weather is poor in winter, even in winter, sunglasses must be carried all the time. The protection of ultraviolet rays is necessary for all seasons. Exposure of the eyes under the ultraviolet rays for a long period of time can easily cause cataracts and other diseases.

     3. Adjusting the life and eating habits. Most office workers use computers and have food outside for a long time, need to supplement vitamins A, C, E and lutein, such as blueberries, green vegetables, deep-sea fish, etc., or replace them with nutrients.

     4. Keep your eyes moist at any time. If you work in an air-conditioned environment for a long time or indoors, you can place a glass of water on the table to maintain indoor humidity.

     5. Apply hot pack on the eyes every morning and evening to strengthen the blood circulation around the eyes. It relieves eye fatigue and improves the quality of tears to maintain eye humidity at the same time.

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