In Taiwan, 9 out of 10 have myopia and the proportion is the highest of the world. For the group of myopia, there is few way to wear sunglasses: External, OTG Sunglasses, Insert Frame, Wear Contact lens and Myopic Lenses. Due to sport sunglasses with large curvature of lens, wearing contact lenses may be the best way. But once wearing contact lenses for a long time, your eyes are easy to feel dry and uncomfortable. So choosing the myopic lenses or insert frame might be the smart choice. Therefore, the former is higher in price than the latter, that’s why people generally choose to use insert frame to solve the problem.

  1. Insert Frame

The advantages of easy optician, light weight, cheap, easy to change lenses and beautiful appearance, but in face there still encounters come problem while in use:

  1. The eyelashes are easy to touch the lens – Sports sunglasses are highly covered and attached to the face. The distance between the lens and the eyes is quite small. The average thickness of insert frame is 3mm-5mm, plus the thickness of myopic lens, it causes the eyelashes to be easily applied to the lens. The lens is easy to be dirty and the eyes feel uncomfortable.
  2. The field of view become smaller – When exercising, it is very important that the field of view is clear and wide enough. Also the upper, lower, right and left must to taken into account while moving. Due to the average of diameter of the insert frame is about 2.5cm, which is similar to the size of human eye. So the width of the overall field of view is limited while using insert frame.
  3. Reduce the clearness of sight – When using insert frame, it is equivalent to wearing two layers of lenses. Even if outer lens uses how perfect coating technology, it will be still refract after passing through the second layer. It will reduce the original definition of sight also makes your eyes uncomfortable and tired.
  4. The limitation of diopters – The lenses of sports sunglasses are mostly high-curvature lenses(6-7curves), while the myopic lenses are mostly flat lenses. When wearing, the distance between two types of lenses is small and the difference in the curvature. The higher diopters, the thicker of the lenses. That’s why there will be a limitation of diopters when fitting. With the restriction of lens technology, might cause the center of eyesight will not be at the same point. It will make you feel dizzy and not east to adapt.

Myopic Sports Sunglasses

Not all sports sunglasses can be fit into myopic lenses. Due to the high curvature of the lens, there are few factors need to be considered in lens processing, such as myopia, astigmatism and distance between pupil. Make sure each part of lens with the same clearness view. Compare with the type of insert frame, the price of myopic lens is much higher, but it brings high stability, definition, safety and comfort during exercise.


For people with myopia, what kind of wearing mode is different, depends on which way can meet your needs and comfortable. It is important to experience by yourself.

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