Skiing is not difficult to get started.

    Every summer, you will be maddeningly mad, and you cant wait to hope that the day will accelerate into the winter or imagine being in the bright white snow, or maybe planning the next ski trip. For most of Taiwanese people, there is a big question about buying their own snow equipments.  Cause it is impossible to develop skiing in Taiwan due to climatic factors and probably go skiing once or twice a year, and ski equipment is not a small expense, also the knowledge of snow equipments are far-reaching. For novice or beginners, here is a brief introduction to the basic equipment for skiing, so that you have a basic understanding of getting ready to start skiing.


Skiing can be divided into: Ski (double board), Snowboard (single board), Ski is fixed on two snowboards with both feet, hands are holding sticks, and when sliding, the body faces forward. Snowboard is fixed on the same snowboard with both feet. When sliding, it moves sideways. This method is derived from surfing and skateboarding. The mode of movement is similar. Which kind of snowboard can be chosen according to personal preference. Both have a risk of injury, so it is very important to learn how to choose the protective gear and wear it correctly.


GNU Money C2 Snowboard 18/19

ski pole

K2 First Luv Quikclik Women's Ski 18/19


 Equipment introduction


Clothing is subdivided into:

 1. Snowsuit: The upper body is recommended to wear on onion-style, the inner layer is wearing a sweat-wicking suit. When exercising, the sweat-wicking clothes can make the clothes dry quickly, and do not cause discomfort due to sweating. The middle layer of warm jacket to adjust body temperature. Because you are in the snow, the outermost jacket must choose waterproof material to prevent snow water from penetrating into the inner.

 2. Snow pants: The basic principle of choosing snow pants is to be waterproof and easy to move. You can choose a little looser, so that you can wear protective gear in the pants. You need to have buttons or elastic bands on the waist and pants to adjust to the most fit and prevent water enters, also the pants must be able to cover the snow shoes.

 3. Ski socks: Professional ski socks are about the length below the knees. They must be higher than the height of the snowshoes. A pair of good ski socks can be anti-slippery and keep warm. The ankles and soles will be thicker in design, cushioning the pressure caused by speed and increasing comfort.

 Snow socks


Snowshoes: Snowshoes can protect the feet from sports injuries, and good snowshoes provide a better skiing experience. The most important thing to wear in snowshoes is to tie the shoes as tight as possible to avoid danger and injury from sliding. There are two layers of snowshoes, and the inner and outer layers are tight when worn. Snow shoes are divided into traditional lace type and BOA lacing system according to the way of shoelace. The traditional lace type is fixed by the way of the shoelace knotting; the quick pull type drawstring system is to fix the shoelace by tightening the drawstrings on both sides. The BOA lacing system uses a steel wire instead of a conventional shoelace to easily control the tightness of the shoelace by a circular knob.


K2 Renin - Brown Men's Snowboard Boots 19/20

Goggles (goggles): The most important function of goggles is to protect the eyes. Because the ultraviolet refraction and reflection in the snow are higher than the flat ground, it is easy to cause the sight to be unclear and uncomfortable. When choosing the goggles, it must conform to your face shape, the protection effect will be double. The anti-fog effect is also a key point of many skiers' attention. The heat conduction effect will also affect the degree of fogging. In the white world, the design of the goggles is mostly vivid and eye-catching, which can be said to be the most prominent accessories during skiing.



Helmet: The helmet protects the head and reduces the risk of falls and accidents. In addition, the lining of the helmet keeps the ears warm and prevents frostbite. The ski helmet has a buckle at the back to secure the goggles, so it must be compatible with each other when selecting helmets and goggles.


Gloves: It is very easy to touch snow when skiing, so ski gloves must be warm and waterproof to protect your hands. It is recommended to choose waterproof gloves instead of wool or fabric. Because if it is exposed to ice and snow, the snow will cause cold and discomfort. The shape of the ski glove is divided into five "five-finger gloves" with separate fingers and "finger gloves" that wrap the fingers other than the thumb. When wearing five-finger gloves, the movement is more flexible; while the fingers are wrapped in the same space can be warmer. Which one is better to choose, in depends on individual needs.

 Glove Mitten

Five-Finger Gloves - Phenix Niseko Gloves - BK 

Glove Mitten

Finger Gloves - Dimito N TAPE MITTEN STEEL 


The basic ski equipment described above can be rented on the ski slopes or resort. Except the close-fitting clothing, such as the inner layer of the clothing, ski socks, etc., the goggles are vary according to the individual. For the beginning, the most important thing is to prepare the clothes and accessories which are able to keep warm. If you don't prepare them well then get sick, probably will ruin your good moon for skiing. So just get ready and enjoy it.



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