The beginner of skiing must Buy - Ski Goggles

Winter is arriving, I believe many people will choose to go abroad for skiing. For the novice, you may think that the ski goggles is not necessary, or the ski goggles is just one of the accessories for you to show how handsome you are. It is a big mistake. The function of the ski googles can be said to be quite a lot. The wind protection and eye protection are the primary function. The sports of skiing is a high-speed movement, ski goggles can protect the eyes from being injured by external impact. The relative type of the lens is very important. Here are some of the basic conditions of a good ski goggles for preparing choosing a right pair of ski goggles.


Type of lens

There is a single layer, double layers, double-layers UV protection is better than a single layer, and the most important function of the ski goggles is Anti-fog, will be coated on the inner layer of lens  or itself as an anti-fog lens.

Spherical Lens

Spherical lenses have a certain degree of curvature in both horizontal and vertical directions. Compared with cylindrical lenses, spherical lenses are more three-dimensional and more conformable to human faces. Because the design principle comes from fish eyes, it can have a wider field of view and can block harmful light in all directions.

Cylindrical lens

Cylindrical lenses also have a curvature in the horizontal direction, but they do not have a curvature in the vertical direction. Because they are cheaper than spherical lenses, which commonly used on basic ski goggles.


Is a Photochromic lens or not

Photochromic lenses, also known as automatic color-changing lenses, will automatically adjust the color of the lenses in response to weather and ultraviolet light. The weather in the ski resort changes rapidly. If you choose Photochromic lenses, you can quickly change the color of the lenses during sliding in order to make the sight clear and really convenient.

ski goggles


The color of lens

There are hundreds of kinds of lenses in the market, but in fact, there are different uses for designing this variety of colors. Each lens color is suitable for different weathers, and several common colors are explained:

Red, orange lenses

It is an all-weather ski goggles that weakens the entry of glare on sunny days, but it also keeps the vision clear on cloudy days.

Pink lenses

It is an all-weather ski goggles, but it is contrasting with red and orange lenses, when is a sunny day, it still feels a bit glaring, and suitable for cloud day.

Transparent, yellow lenses

Like the sports sunglasses lens, the yellow lens presents a high contrast image, which is very clear for the field of view. The uneven surface of snow can also be clearly displayed through the yellow lens, suitable for bad weather such as when snowing or when sliding at night.

Silver grey lenses

Maintain natural color and be suitable for use in sunny day.


Fit to face

There are some points to pay attention to when making a selection. One is the distance between the bridge of the nose and the edge of ski goggles. When wearing it, it can be tested with a finger. If the finger is easily inserted into the ski goggles, the strong wind can easily be entered from here. Then is it comfort between the two sides of the cheekbones and the ski goggles. Does the ski goggles have a tight fit on the cheekbones without any pressure? These are really important and need to be noticed when you try on.



Compatibility with helmets

A helmet with the same protective function as a ski goggles. When wearing a ski goggles, there is a gap between the top and the side of the helmet. If there is a gap, we call it "Gapper Gap" and the wind will be poured from Gapper Gap. If skiing during sunny day, there will be a line of sunburn on your face. In addition, if you put on a helmet, if the goggles down and press it on your nose. Then the goggles and helmet are incompatible.


OTG Design (Over The Glasses)

If you are not used to wearing contact lenses or you afraid of wearing contact lenses for a long time will be very dry, then OTG design is one of the most important factors for you to select ski goggles. The OTG design allows you to wear ski goggles directly after wearing glasses. The ski goggles can hold the glasses firmly with notch of the sponge, but will not feel uncomfortable.

Breathable sponge

Like we said before, anti-fog is the most important function of the ski goggles. In addition to the anti-fog coating on the lens, the air must be kept flowing smoothly during the skiing process. Some of the hot air is diverted through the hole on the lens, and others can be discharged through the upper layer of the breathable sponge. So that the ski goggles can remain clear and does not affect the sight due to the fog.


All of the above, ski beginners can have a basic understanding when choosing a ski goggles, and can more accurately select the right one for yourseld, so that the eyes are fully protected and get a proper view.

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