The Little Secrets of Nose Pad and Temple Tips on Sports Sunglasses

When choosing sunglasses or optical glasses, the first priority is comfort. Moreover, you need to suit your head and face shape. However, most people often pay attention to whether the size of the frame is appropriate, whether they are too close to the eyes, or the eyelashes will touch the lenses or not, etc. In fact, the glasses can be divided into several parts, each of which has its own responsibilities, and is not simply designed for good-looking. The difference between sports sunglasses and sunglasses or optical glasses is the nose pads and temple tips. Before analyzing these two parts, let's first introduce the different parts of a pair of glasses, take sports sunglasses for example.


  1. Frame

The main function of the frame is to fix the lens, so that when the person wears it, the lens does not loose or slip due to movement. The overall shape of the frame will be an important factor that affects people's choice.

  1. Lens

The lens is the most important part of a pair of glasses. Whether you can have a clear field of view depends on the quality and material of the lens (more details here).

  1. Temple

This part which hanging on the ear also foldable. The basic framework of glasses is made of temple and frame connected by the screws.

  1. Nose Pad

This part is directly contact with the nose, usually made of non-slip rubber on sports sunglasses to prevent it from slipping off due to sweat. There are two types: adjustable nose pads and fixed nose pads, the former can be adjusted in order to fix the height of bridge of the nose.

  1. Temple Tips

Also known as the tips, for sports sunglasses, it is made of non-slip rubber, the position can be at the end of the temple or inside or below the temple.

  1. Bridge

The bridge used to connect the left and right frames or directly fix the lens. When wearing, the bridge is hung above the nose with comfort. However, the height of the bridge of nose is not high enough to support it in Asians, so they need to rely on nose pads to assist.

 sunglasses elements

As mentioned before, the biggest difference between sports sunglasses and sunglasses in the structure of the glasses is the material and functions of the nose pads and temple tips, as follows:


Sports Sunglasses



Anti-Slip Rubber












As can be seen from the above, due to the sports environment, people may wear anti-slip, comfort and safety due to intense, high-speed and long-term wear, which is why professional sports sunglasses must have the non-slip rubber on the nose pads and temple tips. Also the exercise will bring sweat, if you use silicone as a nose pad, the glasses will start to slide down once you sweating, but the non-slip rubber won’t. That's why general sunglasses are not suitable for use during sports.

Each part of the glasses is very important. When choosing, you may take more time to feel the feeling that given by each part. Many subtle parts are worth experiencing. Once you know all the structural, whether you buy it in a physical store or online in the future, you're never afraid to buy a pair of sunglasses you will regret.

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