Feature Icon Table

UV protection UV Protection: Lens with this feature provides 100% UV protection.
Waterproof Waterproof: Lens with this feature has a coating that repels water upon contact.
Unbreakable Unbreakable: Frames with this feature is made of extra strong material which makes them ultra-durable.  
Revo coating Revo Coating: Lens with revo coating looks not only more flashy but also provides better vision.
Heatproof Heatproof: Frame or lens with this feature are heatproof and will not melt when being used normally.
Dual layer  Dual Layer: Goggles with this feature has double layered lens which can isolate heat hence providing better fog resistance. 
nose adjustable Adjustable nosepad: This feature allows user to adjust nosepad based on user preference which provides better compatibility and comfort
anti fog Anti Fog: This features indicates the lens is engineered so it will not 
3X foam 3X Foam: Goggles with this feature has 3 layers of foams which provides better comfort.
anti-scratch Anti-Scaping: Lens with this feature has a special anti-scraping coating so the lens won't be damaged easily and has a longer life-cycle.