Reading Glasses Technology

AR Coating

It is a type of optical coating applied to the surface of lenses to help reduced reflection. Not only it will reduce reflection but it also helps reduce glares. Hence, when you see through lens with AR coating, you eyes will feel less tired and your vision will be improved because there is less interference and less unwanted light beam coming at your eyes.


Multi-Focal lens

Based on research, one difficulty stands out when it comes to using reading glasses, the annoyance of carrying another pair of glasses all the time. With our multi-focal lens, that is no longer an issue. The lens offers not your magnifying prescription but also allow you to see normally through regions other than the bottom of lens.



Spring hinge

We use 100% metal spring hinges on our reading glasses. It allows the temples to be opened into wider angles than ones without spring hinges. The full stainless steel material gives the hinges long lasting lives so you can enjoy the comfort without worrying about replacement.


Blue-ray filter lens

Our computer lenses can block up to 40% of the blue rays coming from electronic devices. Blue ray are strong and tire your eyes if star at them directly for too long. The benefits of using blue ray filtering lens including