Snow Goggle Technology

X-Anti Fog

XForce uses the most advanced anti-fog technology on our lens. Millions of nano holes are punctured onto the surface that promotes air flow. This gives the lens ability to breath that helps prevent fog better than any other lens


Stain Resistance Lens Protection

We apply special layers of coating on the lens that breaks down particles on the surface into smaller pieces that helps reduce frictions. This allows users to have clearer vision or making maintenance easier


X-Mirror Coating

XForce lens adopts the unique AEGIS X-mirror multi-layer coating technology to not only be 100% UV protection but also block 90% of infrared light from the sun. This provides user not only the basic UV protection for the eyes but also prevent tiredness to help users to perform at their finest all the time


Dual Layered Lens

All our lens are constructed with 2 special layers of lens. This allows the lens to work with each others and adjust themselves based on air pressure. Dual Layered Lens mechanism boosts up our X-Anti fog performance dramatically that makes them the perfect combination for snow goggles.


3X Foam

Our 3X Foam is constructed with 3 different layers of foams with different functionalities. First layer provides support and suspension that helps absorb impact so users’ faces are well protected. Second layer is soft and supportive which allows equal force distribution onto users’ faces. Third layer is constructed with breathable human skin friendly fabric so user won’t feel uncomfortable when they are in action


High Speed Photochromic

Our high speed photochromic lens is able to transform itself between CAT. 1 and CAT.3 within 3 seconds. No matter what weather condition you are under, you will have the most suitable vision